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Background music should inspire calm. Designing systems for shopping centers and office complexes has the potential to do the opposite. With the right audio gear, you can master the world's tallest buildings and deliver spectacular multi-zoned sound in mega-malls and corporate campuses, or deliver the "wow factor" on an observation deck with both automated and narrated sound. DSP technology supports big ideas materializing in small collaboration spaces, as well as conversations via VoIP teleconferencing and soft codecs like Skype for Business, connecting you with ease to colleagues and business partners across the globe.
Our solutions can also provide life-safety paging for emergency situations, as well as zoned paging for everyday uses. Every corporation needs a reliable and effective method of communicating with employees and visitors during emergency situations, particularly when there is a gap in the established contingency plan. While many corporations have a contingency group on staff to plan for critical events, unexpected emergencies can still occur. With paging tools in place, you can create a critical incident page code that disseminates vital information across all Vocia-equipped areas of a corporate structure or campus. For networks that also have audio processing systems in place, critical incident paging can override these devices as well, broadcasting messages via loudspeakers installed in common areas, conference rooms, or any other area.

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