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AV Automation/ Government/ War room (defence)



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While frequently considered to be a military facility, these centralized command center can be used in many other cases by governments or businesses. A command center enables an organization to function as designed, to perform day-to-day operations regardless of what is happening around it, in a manner in which no one realizes it is there but everyone knows who is in charge when there is trouble. Conceptually, a command center's tasks are achieved by monitoring the environment and reacting to events, from the relatively harmless to a major crisis, using predefined procedures. Accuracy, dependability, and clarity in in such setups is crucial. Our products are designed to facilitate clear communication in government conference rooms. Considering the application, an AV automation system can offer fail-safe and redundancy into the control design and adhere to stringent performance standards. Intuitive touch screen controls can set lighting, shades, AV equipment, and more with a single touch, so gatherings and presentations can get started on time and without interruption.

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