It is essential that all staff are fully trained in the use and application of the AV equipment if they are to make the most of the opportunity they are presented by our industry. To make this simple, we offer a wide range of training programs to our partners to suit all levels. With our in-house experts and the trainers from OEMs, we can tailor our training to meet your own requirements. We can arrange half or full-day sessions and training can be offered both on-site and from our in-house training facility.

As a part of our special initiative, we have trained hundreds of executives from "non-AV" background who aspire to be a part of the ProAV industry. Our experience center in Mumbai serves as our training hub where participants get to see, hear and experience the technologies that we teach about.

We have also tied up with Cavis [], which is a training company offering courses in ICT, IoT, Cloud Security, Resilience, etc. Along with them, we deliver a comprehensive 3 months and 6 months curriculum which is tailored for ProAV trainees with an effective use of ICT and AV.

Please Contact us today to see how cost effective our training really is and maximise your investments in the AV industry.