With such a wide range of options available it can be difficult to decide which options are truly best for you. With that in mind, we offer free on-site demonstrations and trials across a wide range of products. In addition, our ‘Proof of Concept’ rooms allows customers to try out products and solutions in a live environment to ensure it is exactly what is needed. Simply give us a call, and we will arrange for a demo unit to be delivered at a time that suits you. We can also offer an in-depth ‘how to’ presentation before leaving the product with you so you can experience how it will fit in your working environment.

Spending time using a product will allow you to gauge whether it is right for your environment, allow future users time to get hands on with the kit and enables new users to be trained on it before installation. We have a huge range of kit available for demo, and we are incredibly knowledgeable about every product we supply. Contact us now to arrange a demo and benefit from our passion and professionalism in ProAV distribution.

We can provide a demo on any and all our major brands including Atlona, Sennheiser, Apart-audio, PureLink. QSC, Brightlines, Holosonics, Biamp, Sony, etc.