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AV has penetrated to the sharp end of medicine (literally), with operating theatres kitted out to record and stream a surgeon’s every incision. Healthcare is catching up on the latest developments in pro-AV, such as interactive displays, ultra-HD content and integrated digital signage. In endoscopy, camera systems and video imaging are now standard. Operation Theatres may also use microphones and video cameras to relay interviews and activities with patients to experts watching in another room, as well as recording them for analysis and archiving.
AV is also widely used in training and it enables different media to be shown to large numbers of people, with access to remote resources, sharing information via collaboration software and video conferencing. Video training sessions or patient encounters can be recorded, stored, shared and streamed any time from any location and used for training staff or medical students.
As telemedicine solutions proliferate, doctor and patient do not even have to be in the same building. Patients with mobility issues, contagious diseases or severe illnesses can be monitored and supported without having to travel, and patients can have access to specialists anywhere in the world.

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